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Due to the popularity of Oak Bass Rosin for Double Bass, we are now pleased to accept online orders and payments using PayPal. Domestic and international shipping is available. Only a credit card and an e-mail address is necessary to place an order.

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If you wish to submit an order via mail, send us an e-mail so that we can send you the appropriate form. Request Form

*NEW* Oak Bass Rosin - Soft PLUS (48g)
Smoother and harder than soft, yet more aggressive and softer than medium.

$24.00 USD

Oak Bass Rosin - Soft (48g)
$24.00 USD

Oak Bass Rosin - Medium (48g)
$24.00 USD

Oak Bass Rosin - Hard (48g)
$24.00 USD

Leather Wrap for Rosin - 7 x 7 inches
Apply and store your rosin with ease with this reusable and high-quality accessory!
$4.00 USD