The renowned Oak Bass Rosin for Double Bass, formerly made by Gaston Brohan (1890-1968), is back! As the principal bass of the Detroit Symphony, Gaston developed this bass rosin formula to improve the sonority and response of the double bass. This rosin was used and enjoyed by many players in the Detroit, Chicago, Philadelphia, and New York orchestras to name a few. Gaston's customers included Anton Torello and his sons, Fred Zimmerman, David Walter, Roger Scott, Phil Karp, and John Mathews.

The original bass rosin formula has been passed down from Gaston to his student, John Mathews, and then to me. Available in hard, medium, and soft, the rosin cakes are approximately 48 grams as compared to Nyman's 24 grams. I recommend that you purchase a hard and medium cake in order to adjust to varying temperatures and to customize your response. If you live in a cold climate you will find that several swipes of soft rosin, in addition to medium, will improve your orchestral articulation.

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