Featured in Bass World Magazine, Oak Bass Rosin's reintroduction is spawning excitement among double bassists, as a professional grade bass rosin.

Since I began production of Oak Bass Rosin in the Fall of 2004, double bass players from students to seasoned professionals worldwide have welcomed Gaston Brohan's unique bass rosin formula into their musical lives.

Please explore this site and our online store via the links on the left-hand side and feel free to contact me with any questions or suggestions you may have. No matter what your level or playing style is, Oak Bass Rosin is sure to please!

Many of you have requested the ability to order our products with a credit card. We are happy to provide this service for both domestic and international customers via PayPal, a reputable online transaction service. Only a credit card and an e-mail address is necessary. Please, visit our online store for an even easier way to acquire Oak Bass Rosin!


Arnold Gregorian
Gregorian String Products, Maker of Gaston Brohan's Oak Bass Rosin

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